About TruTech Engineering

Our Story

   As a boy in school I had always taken the metal shop classes and the interest I had back then has turned into a passion for metal working.  I first stepped into a machine shop in 1985 when I was 17 and now pursuing excellence in this fascinating world of CNC machining. 

TruTech Engineering was founded by Tom Jones in 2007 with a dream to have a world class machine shop.  After 22 years in the industry developing the craft as a Journeyman machinist the dream started with a 1984 Kitamura MyCenter1 in the garage and TruTech Engineering was born.  Turned out 2007 was the beginning of an economic recession and was not a good time to start a manufacturing business, to his surprise he could not give work way..  So the plan changed from being a supplier of CNC machined parts to a supplier of CNC machine tool path.  He had business relationship with a local GibbsCAM distributor and had a licensed seat of GibbsCAM.  With a couple referrals from friends in the industry and over 15 years of CNC programming he found a couple shops that didn’t need a full time CNC programmer and was able to partner with them on a contract basis and provided CNC code for several years.  During this time Tom was able to find some CNC machining work for the Kitamura and continued pursuing his dream of having a world class machine shop.

Today TruTech Engineering is located in an industrial area of Rancho Cordova Ca. and has 3 CNC vertical machine centers and a CNC lathe.

Still dreaming bigger  :-)

Today and Tomorrow

TruTech Engineering is blessed to be where we are at today and appreciate our customers greatly.  We are hopeful for a continuing successful future.  Our customers are our greatest success.  We are dedicated to building long term business relationships with our focus on our core values.

Integrity before Profit

Pursuit of Excellence through Continuous Improvement

Teamwork and Respect for Others

Machining technology has made great strides in recent year with better cutting tools and software.  We have embraced these technologies and are growing alongside of them.  We utilize these technologies and innovative manufacturing methods to reduce production costs and have realized the win-win for our customers and TruTech Engineering your manufacturing partner.  As we continually develop better manufacturing methods we pass on the savings to you the customer.

Manufacturing Partner

Experience, expertise and innovation can bring your project to life, print to part!

Backed with our extensive experience, industry knowledge and professional service we are the partner you are looking for.  In today's economy, you need a supplier that will partner with you to provide a high standard of quality at a reasonable price.

  Are you currently getting what you require from your current vendors? Is your business shipping your product late because your supply chain can’t produce fast enough? Are you looking for a new source or second source in your supply chain? 

Contact us, let’s talk to see how TruTech Engineering can help provide a solution for your problem.